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The Real Story behind Removing Content from Google Search

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The fact: apart from Google information removal policies, and apart from the information you want gone from Google search results being on Google’s own products/services. You are left alone at the mercy of these website owners who post and publish your details.

And not to mention the sharks, some are just as bad so called Online Reputation Management Services (usually promise you to remove the results) (which in itself is a lie for 99.99% Google search results). Because, online reputation management services must also adhere to Google policies. And perhaps just like you, they will contact the website owners who will usually ignore your email messages.

If you are unsure as to who owns the website your details are at, simply conduct a Whois search, and also note down as much details about the website hosting company (usually emails found with Whois search will reveal which company hosts the website online) (which you may actually contact if contacting the website owner doesn’t result in any response) (you may want to send a letter of abuse about the domain in question to the hosting company. Note that even if the web hosting company takes action, the website owner can easily find another web hosting company to re-put the same detail).

That means, those who guarantee removal of names or negative reviews usually follow retarded ways to manage reputation (usually, low quality (cheap articles) with so called SEO for higher Google rankings, low quality free for all Web 2.0 backlinks). WARNING: stay away from such practices or else your content found on internet will be even harder to manage because once a company begins on this path, they actually can’t remove that additional information they place on such low-quality websites, as a result causing more harm than good. You can visit Google help section here to Manage your online reputation.

What then happens is that information you want removed may actually go down (if its located on poorly built unpopular scam type of sites) for a little while (this is because Google has a long memory and tracks people’s behaviour once they visit a link from Google search results).

However, if the information you want buried from Google search is on popular websites, then you need to be thoughtful about the dilemma you are facing.

t is more common than not that a disgruntle customer, competitor, or just outright idiot leaves a bad review for your business (or name if you are a famous person) usually the small business community who suffers due to negative reviews, perhaps, Google Plus My Business Listing Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp Reviews or other review related sites.

What you can do in such scenario is actually be the wiser business owner and actually craft a response because the more time you avoid responding will mean that you are actually losing business. Your reply will counteract the negative review and show others who read it that you are a dedicated business owner who is willing to own up to bad customer service provided by your employees and that you are taking care of this. Being polite and professional will go a long way. This is the first course of action you should take.

If the review is just wrong and provided for your Google My Business Review, then you can flag and report the review by following Flag and fix inappropriate content

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