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How to remove negative content from Google Search Results

You Can Remove Negative Information from the Internet , Contact Us Today for a Free and Confidential Consultation

Fix your Online Reputation within days , by de-indexing negative Google search results , including the removal of bad press and hostile blogs , take down of embarrassing videos and pictures , mugshots, jail records , defamation articles , fake news and fake reviews .

The odds are good that if you are handling a negative search result, it is not on a webpage or site that you control. This usually means that you’ll need to enlist expert counsel for help in receiving content eliminated. This is the most effective strategy, as deleting a page entirely on the Internet is much better than removing it from Google or burying it from additional search results.

To begin with, you can try contacting the web site proprietor email but do so under professional advisement to make sure you don’t cause any further harm. Whatever your approach, be polite and private. It’s also important to understand you will be ignored entirely: site owners might not be sympathetic, or perhaps even see your email at all.

For some instances of sensitive or untrue information, you can get help from Google and legal authorities.

Google’s policy permits for the elimination of particularly sensitive information, such as financial information or identification numbers which could put you at risk for identity theft or financial fraud. You may also be able to possess Google remove content which violates the legislation from search results.

In case you have information that falls under Google’s removal policies, it is a good idea to reach out to the search engine to get help, again beneath professional counsel. But, bear in mind that removing the content from Google isn’t the same thing as eliminating it from the Internet: the page will still exist, and also the connection can even be shared.

You might also want to appear in online defamation legislation or legislation that protect particular parts of the population. However, remember that litigation or legal action might just serve to draw more attention to the connection that you’d like to eliminate, or generate new harmful content regarding precisely the same topic.

To eradicate harmful content from the Internet or Google search results, it must be exceedingly sensitive or slanderous data, or the website owner happens to be available and willing to assist, which is unlikely if they printed it in the first place. It’s almost impossible to acquire content deleted.

Moving harmful content deep from the search results is another chance, which will significantly reduce its visibility and influence on your reputation.

Statistics have proven that the vast majority (over 95% in some cases) of Internet users don’t bother scrolling beyond the first page of search results.

That is why negative search results that appear on the top of the very first page would be the most detrimental. If you can move it past where most people are understood to look, it is possible to minimize the effect of damaging content.

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